USA Conference Video Clips (teaser videos)

Note: The following videos are public and presented as shortened teaser versions. Participants of the USA Conference 2023 can log in at the Protected Website-Area with their login data for the USA Conference 2023 and then see the full version of the videos.

Peaking Inflation, Rising Interest Rates, and Slow Growth

Kenneth Rosen, Chairman, RCB

Overview of the U.S. Real Estate Market

Dr. Will McIntosh, Global Head of Research, Affinius Capital

The relative attractiveness of investing in U.S. Real Estates

Dr. Sebastian Gläsner, Executive Director, MSCIWeniger anzeigen

Real Estate Debt Market Conditions creating Alpha

Richard Flohr, Managing Director, CrossHarbor

Are Qualified Foreign Pension Funds now finally 'qualified'?

Hubert O. Eisenack LL.M., Partner, Ernst & Young

ESG in U.S. Real Estate

Drew Spitler, Principal and Partner, The Dermot Company
Michel Schram, Senior Director Private Real Estate, PGGM
John R. Williams, President and Chief Investment Officer, Avanath Capital
Bas van den IJssel, Partner, Almazara (moderator)

U.S. Residential Housing: Opportunities and Risks in a Changing Market

Ziv Cohen, CIO, Resmark


Where are we in the U.S. Living Markets?

Michael Acton, CFA, Managing Director, AEW
Michael O’Connor, Managing Director, Fund Asset Portfolio Manager, Clarion Partners
David Rückel (moderator)

Different perspectives on the U.S. Living Sectors

Walter Schmidt, Senior Partner, Rockwood Capital
Duncan Woodard, Managing Director, Boston Capital
Nishu Sood, Managing Director, Pretium
Cord Ernst, Managing Director, Magnolia (moderator)

U.S. Industrial Real Estate: Overview and Outlook

Peter Ciganik, Partner and Head of Capital Markets, GTIS Partners

The evolution of the U.S. Industrial Market

Robert Chagares, CEO, High Street
David Rückel (moderator)

Where are US Industrial Markets heading?

Sara Cassidy, Head of Portfolio Management, AEW
Sebastian Dooley, Fund Manager, Principal
Christian Schulte Eistrup, Managing Director, Clarion Partners
Max von Below, Managing Director, Affinius Capital (moderator)

Overview of the Canadian Real Estate Markets

John McKinlay, CEO, Canada, LaSalle Investment Management

U.S. Data Center Trends

Kyle Torpey, Managing Director, Head of US Investments, Madison International Realty

Investment experience in Specialty Sectors

Manuel Philippe Wormer, Head of Global Real Estate Investment, BVK
Tom Erath, Head of Research, Harrison Street


Are Niche Sectors now mainstream?

Symon Godl, Managing Partner, Deutsche Finance Group
Tom Erath, Head of Research, Harrison Street
Jan Segelhorst, Head of Private Markets, FERI
Paul Jackson, Managing Partner, Accor (moderator)