Corona Regulations

Please Note: According to the state government, current events are taking place without restrictions. Due to respective current developments of the COVID-19-pandemic, changes and adjustments of the following regulations are possible at any time. Current information will be presented on the respective website of the event. This can also change at short notice prior to the event. Therefore, all participants must check these regulations on the respective website shortly before the event.

1. Live Stream
The organizer primarily conducts face-to-face events and, where possible, also broadcasts them via LiveStream. In case of a live stream, the event is filmed by a professional camera team and broadcasted live through the internet for event participants, who can trace the event by watching it on their computers or, if necessary, on mobile devices, such as cell phones, iPads, etc. The event is then broadcasted for participants through the Internet.

2. Limitation of Participants
Due to the development of the pandemic, it may be necessary to subsequently limit the number of attendees of a face-to-face event (for example, by spacing rules). In this case, the physical participation of guests will be cancelled in the reverse order of ticket booking.

3. Web Events
If authorities declare a general ban on meetings (face-to-face events), the respective event will be, if possible, performed as a web event. Web events are events that are organized exclusively as video conferences. They are usually performed inside of a professional production studio, in which speakers give their presentations. Participants can watch the event exclusively on their computer or, if necessary, on mobile devices, such as cell phones, iPads, etc. In case the event concept is changed from a face-to-face event to a web event, the tickets booked remain valid. To ensure the safety of the participants, the organizer reserves the right to change the event performance from a face-to-face to a web event.

4. Arrival at the Event and Hygiene Rules
Upon arrival at the event, all participants must observe the respective current hygiene rules for the event, such as the wearing of a surgical mask (OP/FFP2-mask). If the organizer requires a negative test certificate of a COVID-19 rapid test or PCR test from the participants for entering the event or provides the participants a testing station for the performance of such tests for entering the event (free of charge for participants), all participants will cooperate in the process of getting tested. This also applies to vaccinated and recovered persons. Corresponding details will be communicated at the respective event and on the event's website.

5. Hygiene Rules During the Event
Participants’ behavior must be in accordance with the respective current COVID-19 rules. This can include, for example, regular hand washing / disinfection, wearing a surgical mask (OP/FFP2 mask), maintaining a sufficient minimum distance from other people, keeping the allocated seat during the event (no changing of seats), and observing the etiquette when coughing or sneezing.

As of 18th May 2022