Corona Regulations

This information is based on the current regulations and recommendations of the relevant institutes and authorities in Germany and is valid for all events on the FondsForum platform from August 1st, 2020. Changes and adjustments are possible at any time or can be changed individually for individual events.

1. Corona Management Concept

a. Participation in presence and transmission via live stream
The FondsForum platform would like to meet the interest of the participant community in a further exchange between investors and real estate experts. In order to be able to implement this, the presence events are also broadcasted in a live stream. In the case of a live stream, the event is filmed by a camera team and transmitted live via the Internet to event participants, who can watch the event on their PCs or, if necessary, via mobile devices such as cell phones, iPads, etc.

b. Restriction of face-to-face events and WebEvents as an event format for official bans
Due to the development of the pandemic, it may be possible that the number of participants in a presence event is subsequently restricted by official instructions. In this case, the personal participation of guests must be canceled in the reverse order of the ticket booking. Of course, guests who have canceled attendances at the event have the option of participating via the live stream. In this case, the ticket prices will be offset and the difference will be refunded. If authorities prohibit the implementation of presence events, all events on the FondsForum platform will be held as WebEvents. WebEvents are events that are organized and carried out exclusively as video conferences. Participation for speakers and spectators takes place exclusively via computer or, if necessary, via mobile devices such as cell phones, iPads, etc.

c. Offsetting of ticket prices
If presence events cannot be held, for example due to official bans, they are organized as a WebEvent. Tickets for presence participation are automatically converted into cheaper tickets for participation via a live stream and the difference is reimbursed.

2. Corona hygiene concept

a. Registration for face-to-face events
When registering for the event, participants must confirm that they will not be staying in any risk areas designated abroad by the Robert Koch Institute at least 14 days before the respective event date. Should this be the case, they must inform the organizer and present a negative Corona test upon arrival and before entering the event rooms. The test certificate must not be older than 48 hours. Furthermore, all participants must confirm that they observe and comply with the Corona rules of conduct (see item h).

b. Admission to the events
Due to the distance regulations, face-to-face events can only be held with a reduced number of participants. In the case of events with a limited number of participants, the representatives of sponsors will be admitted to the respective event first, followed by the speakers. Subsequently, investors and investor representatives are registered (to the appropriate extent, depending on the size and event strategy of an event). Further participants will then be admitted to the event at the same quotas (this also depends on the size of the event and the event strategy).

c. Location preparation for the events
Before the start of an event, all rooms in which participants are staying and the main contact areas will be disinfected. In addition, all rooms are ventilated before the start of the event. If rooms have air conditioning, the event team and the location operator will determine in advance exactly in which form these ventilation systems will be used and which form of use of these systems will best protect the participants from possible virus transmission. If participant documents (handouts) are handed out, all participants must ensure that they will not use documents of other people.

d. Regulations for the operation of the presentation technology for speakers
All speakers should give their lectures at the lectern and speak into the built-in microphones of the lectern. To control the presentation slides, speakers receive a presenter from the technicians (hand-held transmitter for scrolling through presentations). Upon request, speakers can also receive a handheld transmitter microphone. Headsets are not used. Basically, all speakers must thoroughly disinfect their hands before taking on their presentation techniques. Disinfectants are available from the technicians.

e. Arrival to the event
All participants in an event must disinfect their hands upon arrival and confirm that they have not been in any country in the past 14 days that the Robert Koch Institute at that time has identified as a risk area at that time. All participants must also confirm that they do not have any symptoms of a corona infection.

f. During the event
During the event, the rooms will be ventilated and contact surfaces in frequently frequented areas will be cleaned regularly. The organizer will determine with the location operator which form of food offer (serving at the table or setting up one or more buffet stations) guarantees optimal protection and is proportionate. When food is supplied via buffet stations, all participants must wear a face mask, disinfect their hands and follow possible directions for choosing food. In principle, all participants during an event must comply with the Corona rules of conduct of the FondsForum platform (see section h).

g. Control
The organizer controls the adherence to the Corona rules of conduct by his guests and informs them accordingly if they are not observed. The guests should follow the organizer's instructions for their own protection and that of all participants.

h. Corona rules of conduct
1. Hands must be washed and / or disinfected regularly during the event.
2. The participants in the event must always keep a sufficient minimum distance from other people.
3. A mask (mouth-nose covering) must be worn when walking through enclosed spaces. Currently, there is a requirement to wear surgical or FFP2 masks.
4. When sneezing or coughing, follow cough etiquette and use a disposable handkerchief if possible or sneeze into the crook of your arm if necessary.
5. All participants are asked not to put their hands on their faces.
6. Mouth-to-nose covering must be worn on the premises.

Status: 25-March-2021