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DEBT Special

Following our DebtConference, a FondsNews Special will be published in which companies can publish specialist articles on the topic of debt investments. The FondsNews DEBT Special will be sent to all conference participants and the debt community of the FondsForum platform as a digital edition in the form of an online book and as a PDF. In addition, it will be promoted in the regular newsletter with over 3,000 recipients as well as in social media. All contributions will be permanently available on FondsForum.de.

I would like to take part

Data & Facts

  • Format/Product: FondsNews Special Edition
  • Form of presentation: digital - online book (FlipBook) as well as PDF
  • Page count: approx. 25-30
  • Structure: Foreword, table of contents, expert contributions on the main topic of debt investments, review of DebtConference 2023, video statements, imprint
  • Marketing: Mailing to all participants of the conference as well as the debt community of the FondsForum platform, promotion via social media as well as regular FondsNews
  • Company presentation: trade articles with graphics, 1/1 ads (U2, U3)
  • Publication: October 2023

Your presentation opportunity

Present your company exclusively with a professional article in this special issue and communicate your expertise to a knowledgeable, interested readership.
The FondsNews Special is primarily intended as a media service for conference sponsors.
However, companies of the participants are cordially invited to participate. As a rule, the first-come-first-served method is applied. Requests that are not considered in the special edition can still be published in the blog of the FondsForum platform.

Two 1/1 ads (2nd page-U2 as well as penultimate page-U3) are available as booking options.


Below you will find the framework data for the technical article in the FondsNews:

  • Number of characters approx. 4,000 characters (incl. spaces)
  • Headlines with max. 50 characters (incl. spaces) and no "?" or "-".
  • 1-2 additional graphics/images without counting towards the text length
  • 1 author image (only one author/creator can be named per article)
  • All images and graphics must be sent as high-resolution files
  • Please note: Promotional content is not allowed in the technical article. Therefore, "we", "us" or the company name may not be used in the article.
  • Editorial deadline: 31 August 2023

Supporting communication

  • The FondsNews DEBT Special 2023 will be sent out in October as a supplement to the regular newsletter.
  • The articles will also be published in the blog of the FondsForum platform and will thus be permanently available on FondsForum.de.
  • In our weekly HTML newsletter of FondsNews with 3,000 subscribers, the special will be advertised via a banner. This will make your company even more visible in the FondsForum community.
  • The articles will be promoted via our social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter).


Ralph Dobbeck

Strumpf Eventmanagement
Niederseelbacher Straße 24
65527 Niedernhausen

Phone: +49 6127 999 363 22
E-Mail: ralph.dobbeck(at)strumpf-em.de 
E-Mail: info(at)Immobilien-FondsNews.de