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IMHO! A column by Stefan Stüdemann

Dear reader,

don’t worry, I didn’t get the date wrong and additionally it's the USA edition of FondsNews. It's also the USA edition of FondsNews. But first things first: Recently, I took a trip to a time over 130 years ago, to July 4, 2022 to be exact. No, I wasn't at a medieval fair: my visit was to our district's building records archive, sifting through old documents.

Inevitably, the question came to my mind: Were the challenges of that time similar to ours today? At least I can state that the substance of the building in question as well as its appearance have been preserved to this day and hardly give cause for complaint.

„What are we doing on July 4, 2152? Sustainable!“

It is all the more surprising when we look at the life expectancy of some of the current properties. Fortunately, a change in thinking is currently taking place. Perhaps not always entirely voluntarily, but so be it. The main thing is that something is happening and we are thinking more long-term again. In this context, the cradle-to-cradle approach and corresponding material inventories are very important foundations and deserve our full support.

So here's my admittedly sporty homework assignment: when making your next investment in kind, think carefully about how this object will fit into the reality of life in the year 2152. I wish you an exciting and eventful future.

See you in the next issue and stay healthy!
Your Stefan Stüdemann

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