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DebtConference 2022: Bilder & Videos online, Download Area closed

The images and video clips were posted on the event website. The download area was closed on September 9, as announced.

DebtConference 2022: Top Feedback

The DebtConference has received overwhelmingly good feedback. The conference team would like to thank all participants, speakers, sponsors as well as the advisory board headed by David Rückel.

DebtConference 2022: Start Today

With 155 participants from Germany, Europe and the U.S., the DebtConference 2022 kicks off today, with over 30 investors and debt experts contributing to the event in 5 blocks over two days.

DebtConference 2022: Closing of Face-to-Face module today

The opportunitey for making appointments at the conference ends today. Users can view their appointments as well as the meeting locations (tables) in the protected web area.

DebtConference 2022: Face-to-Face Invitations for Sponsors and Investors

Representatives of institutional investors as well as sponsors of the conference have received their invitation today to start booking talks. Regular participants will follow next Monday.

DebtConference 2022: Corona test required

Access to the event location only with negative Corona (for free at the test center at the location, please note opening hours) or by a certificate from an official test center (not older than 24…

DebtConference 2022: Preparation of the Face-to-Face Meetings

From August 22, all participants can arrange their face-to-face meetings via the conference website. Sponsors will have this opportunity as early as August 15, 2022.

USA Conference 2022: Negative Corona-Test

Due to the increasing number of Corona infections all participants need a negative Corona test of an official test station. There will also be a testing station at the hotel (16:00 - 19:00).

USA Conference 2022: More than 80 participants

By one week before the conference, more than 80 participants from investors and real estate companies have already registered. Almost all of them will also attend the pre-event reception.

DebtConference 2022: Economic Outlook with Dr. Getrud Traud

Dr. Getrud Traud, Chief Economist at Helaba, will present her view on the future development of the economy at the DebtConference.

FundForum Conference 2022: Program in final preperation

The program for this year's event will be published from mid-August 2022. At the moment the last lectures are determined and speakers are integrated

DebtConference 2022: Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret as opening speaker

Prof. Dr. Andreas Dombret opens this year's conference as a former member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

USA Conference 2022 with Terry Shook

Terry Shook is a key-note speaker at this year’s conference in Königstein. He is a professor at the Charlotte College of Arts and Architecture as well as an annual lecturer at Harvard University.

DebtConference 2022: Tickets available

As of today, tickets for the DebtConference can be purchased. The registration form has been put online for this purpose.

Program of DebtConference 2022 online

More than 30 speakers and 15 sponsors gave their commitments to this year's program.

Pre-event reception of the USA Conference with many guests

Many USA Conference guests also come to the institutional real estate industry's summer reception on the conference hotel's Skyline Terrace as the event's pre-event reception.

USA Conference 2022: Investor Interest

Investors continue to show interest in institutional real estate investing in the U.S. at this year's conference.

DebtConference: First sponsor commitments

With Engel&Völkers, FAP and USAA, the first major companies have agreed to sponsor the conference in September 2022.

Many top companies attending

There are again great companies involved, contributing their knowledge for real estate investments of German investors in the USA in the different asset classes.

HotelReturn 2022: Preparation for the event

The final preparations for HotelReturn 2022 are underway and we are looking forward to an exciting conference with great speakers and exciting presentations!

DebtConference 2022: Preparing the event

We are happy to announce that we will carry out the event at Kap Europa in Frankfurt like we did last year. The location provides the perfect environment for all RealEstate Debt related topics and we…

USA Conference: Marketing Launch

Participant tickets are on sale as of today. As always, institutional investors can participate free of charge.

USA Conference: Finalisation of the USA Program

The program of the USA Conference 2022 is almost ready. The event presents a comprehensive program with topical presentations and investor discussions by more than 20 speakers.

USA Conference: Addressing the sponsors

Companies from the USA and Germany can again become sponsors of the conference.