RealEstateStudents is the exclusive network of the FondsForum platform for students in the institutional real estate industry. We offer you the opportunity to participate in various conference formats of the FondsForum platform in order to gain valuable insights into current developments of the institutional real estate industry.

How it works: A limited selection of students attend the conferences free of charge to write conference reports for an entire conference. All others will receive the presentations free of charge as full-length videos or may also participate in our LiveStream in order to write professional articles for the companies based on the presentation given by the respective speaker at the conference. You will be listed in the article with a portrait photo as a student editor. Some articles will also be published in our media.

Broadening perspectives

Advantages for Students

  • Visibility: We present the RealEstateStudents and their commitment on this website and feature them in our media.
  • Practical knowledge: All RealEstateStudents specialize in topics related to the FondsForum platform and receive important industry information.
  • Company contact: We connect RealEstateStudents with companies and thus support the expansion of contacts with real estate companies.
  • Networking: RealEstateStudents from different universities get to know each other and build up their own networks.

Powerful magazines

Your Appearance in the Industry

Students can get involved in various ways on the FondsForum platform, for example by writing conference reports or helping to prepare professional articles for companies.

Examples of professional articles in magazines: 
Forecast Special  DEBT Special  ESG Special 

Examples of conference reports:
USA Conference 2024  ESG Konferenz 2024

Stay informed!

The FondsNews is the professional magazine for the institutional real estate industry published by the FondsForum platform. It focuses on topics relating to real estate and markets and informs about upcoming events.


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Our RealEstateStudents

Are you curious?

In order to maintain the exclusivity of RealEstateStudents, students are recommended to us by renowned professors. If you would still like to get involved, please send us an application and tell us why you would like to become part of our community.

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