News of the DebtConference

DebtConference 2024: Contacting further sponsors

Further negotiations with companies regarding a cooperation are taking place.

DebtConference 2024: Adressing the investors

Investors have been informed about the conference date and location.

DebtConference 2024: Processing with the program structure

The Advisory Board is working on the program structure in order to define an intensive script on the market and economic outlook for this year's event.

DebtConference 2024: Contacting the sponsors

The first negotiations with companies regarding a cooperation have started.

DebtConference 2024: Location and Date are set

The DebtConference 2024 will take place on 12/13 September at the Hilton Frankfurt City Centre.

DebtConference 2024: Pre-registration now available

Starting today, interested parties can pre-register for the conference.

DebtConference 2024: Advisory Board has been determined

The members of the advisory board have been determined. These real estate debt experts will now start to develop the conference program.

FondsNews 11-23: Published as a special edition for the DebtConference 2023

The German newsletter with specialist articles, information and events on the institutional real estate industry.

DebtConference 2023: Pictures and videos online, closing of download area today

The impressions of the conference have been posted on the event website. The download area for the presentations will be closed today, 24:00 h.

DebtConference 2023: A successful conference comes to an end

The DebtConference 2023 comes to an end. We thank all speakers and sponsors for their contribution.

DebtConference 2023: Start today

With 130 participants from Germany, Europe and the U.S., the DebtConference 2023 kicks off today. Investors and debt experts are contributing to the event in 7 blocks over two days.


DebtConference 2023: Closing of Face-to-Face tool today

Today the opportunity to arrange individual face-to-face meetings ends. Participants can view their appointments as well as the meeting locations (tables) in the protected website area.

DebtConference 2023: Face-to-Face Invitations for Investors and Sponsors

Representatives of institutional investors as well as sponsors of the conference have received their invitation today to take the opportunity to book their Face-to-Face meetings. Regular participants…

DebtConference 2023: Preparation of Face-to-Face-Meetings

Starting 26 May, participants can arrange to meet in person at the conference via a meeting tool at the conference website. Sponsors and investors start already on 22 May 2023.

DebtConference 2023: Program online

The lecture structure for the conference was approved and lecture slots were filled with more than 25 speakers and experts.

DebtConference 2023: 21 Sponsors confirmed

21 international companies are cooperation partners of the DebtConference 2023 and are actively involved in the conference program.

DebtConference 2023: Program structure online

The program structure for the DebtConference is online.

DebtConferene 2023: Dr. Gertrud R. Traud as key note speaker

Dr. Gertrud R. Traud helds one of our key note presentations at the conference.


DebtConference 2023: Participation at Break Out Sessions

Attendees have the opportunity to take part at break out sessions and can register for one of the following topics: ESG in private real estate lending/The relative value of Real Estate Debt/Capital…

DebtConference 2023: Tickets available

Tickets in order to participate at the conference are as of now available and can be purchased.