News of the USA Conference

Pre-registration for USA Conference open today

Starting today, interested parties can register to attend the conference.

The date for the USA Conference 2024 is set

The USA Conference will take place on March 7/8 in Königstein.

USA Conference 2023: A successful conference comes to an end

Nearly 130 participants, 23 TOP companies and almost 40 investor representatives attended the conference and made intensive use of the opportunity to exchange in relation to investment in US real…

USA Conference 2023: More than 130 Participants

The USA Conference 2023 has a great demand from investors, managers and investment experts. Many guests are also looking forward to the face-to-face meetings as well as the personal exchange.

USA Conference 2023: All sponsors are confirmed

23 international companies are cooperation partners of the USA Conference 2023 and are actively involved in the conference program.

USA Conference 2023: Great interest

More than 90 participants from investors and real estate companies have already registered.

USA Conference 2023: Program Online

The lecture structure for the conference was approved and lecture slots were filled with speakers and experts.

USA Conference 2023: Partner Commitments

Well-known investors, managers and consultants in the US real estate business are again committed to the event. Thus, various experts will again appear in the conference program.

USA Conference 2023: 2 Days

The event in March 2023 will be extended to 2 days. In addition to presentations, participants can thus also be offered a conference dinner and face-to-face discussions, among other things.

USA Conference: Adressing the sponsors

First sponsor talks take place.

The date for the USA Conference 2023 is set

The USA Conference will take place on March 21 in Frankfurt.

USA Conference 2022: Negative Corona-Test

Due to the increasing number of Corona infections all participants need a negative Corona test of an official test station. There will also be a testing station at the hotel (16:00 - 19:00).

USA Conference 2022: More than 80 participants

By one week before the conference, more than 80 participants from investors and real estate companies have already registered. Almost all of them will also attend the pre-event reception.

USA Conference 2022 with Terry Shook

Terry Shook is a key-note speaker at this year’s conference in Königstein. He is a professor at the Charlotte College of Arts and Architecture as well as an annual lecturer at Harvard University.

Pre-event reception of the USA Conference with many guests

Many USA Conference guests also come to the institutional real estate industry's summer reception on the conference hotel's Skyline Terrace as the event's pre-event reception.

USA Conference 2022: Investor Interest

Investors continue to show interest in institutional real estate investing in the U.S. at this year's conference.

Many top companies attending

There are again great companies involved, contributing their knowledge for real estate investments of German investors in the USA in the different asset classes.

USA Conference: Marketing Launch

Participant tickets are on sale as of today. As always, institutional investors can participate free of charge.

USA Conference: Finalisation of the USA Program

The program of the USA Conference 2022 is almost ready. The event presents a comprehensive program with topical presentations and investor discussions by more than 20 speakers.

USA Conference: Addressing the sponsors

Companies from the USA and Germany can again become sponsors of the conference.

USA Conference: Tickets now available

This year´s USA Conference will take place as a face-to-face event including video broadcast at the Falkenstein Grand in Königstein on June 16, 2021. Seize your opportunity to register now!

USA Conference: 18 Sponsors

We are looking forward to an interesting USA Conference 2021 and we are happy that so many important companies joined in as sponsor and with an active role at the Conference.

Tolle Akzeptanz der LiveStream-Teilnahme für Events

Die Teilnahme an den Veranstaltungen der FondsForum-Plattform ist seit 1. August 2020 möglich und wird von vielen Vertretern von Anleger- und Immobilienunternehmen sehr gut angenommen.

Corona-Information der FondsForum-Plattform verabschiedet

Um die Events der FondsForum-Reihe in 2020 durchführen zu können, wurde ein ausführliches Corona-Management-Konzept zum bestmöglichen Schutz aller Teilnehmer von Präsenz-Veranstaltungen aufgestellt.

USA Conference: The sign-up process starts

We have won 19 sponsors for the USA Conference