USA Conference Video Clips (teaser videos)

Note: The following videos are public and presented as shortened teaser versions. Participants of the USA Conference 2023 can log in here with their login data for the USA Conference 2024 and then see the full version of the videos.


Keynote: Playing smart, not hard: Global Perspectives in the super election year 2024
Dr. Timo Blenk
, Partner & CEO, Agora Strategy

US Real Estate: Risks and Opportunities
Shawn Lese
, Head of Portfolio Management, Nuveen

Investor Interview: Are we at a turning point?
Michel Schram
, Senior Director Private Real Estate, PGGM
Joey Lansing, Head of Portfolio Management and Strategy, Harrison Street (moderator)

US Industrial: Poised to perform - Driving Forces and strategic Implications
Todd Henderson
, CEO Real Estate Americas, DWS

Interview: US Industrial
Andy Zgutowicz
, CEO, High Street
David Rueckel, Managing Partner, PIA Pontis (moderator)

Industrial Panel: Is this the End of the Hype or just the Beginning?
Bohdy Hedgcock
, Managing Director, Clarion Partners
Jeff Latier, Managing Director, Ares Real Estate
David Pahl, Managing Director, GTIS Partners
Cheyenne Sparrow, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley (moderator)

Multifamily in America: Trends & Predictions in 2024
Drew Spitler
, Principal and Partner, Dermot

The Future of Single-Family Rentals is here
Ziv Cohen
, CIO, Resmark

Living Panel: How will Americans live in the future?
Dillon Lorda
, Senior Portfolio Manager, AEW
Nathan Schubert, Senior Managing Director, Crow Holdings
Duncan Woodard, Managing Director, Boston Capital
Liora Walter, Director, Nuveen (moderator)

Market Insights / Can Investors Time the Market?
William P. Kieser PhD
, Principal Quantitative Research Group, Ares Management (video presentation)

Short Presentations and Discussion:
The Great Office Reset Reframing Office Investing:
Walter Schmidt
, Senior Partner, Rockwood
Workout Case Study:
Richard Flohr
, Managing Director, CrossHarbor

US Investor Perspective
Troy March
, Director of Real Estate, State of North Carolina Retirement System (video chat)
David Rueckel, Managing Partner, PIA Pontis (moderator)

Riding the Roller Coaster: Structuring US Investments
Dorothee Atwell
, Partner, Allen & Overy LLP
Dr. Peter Fehr, Helaba Invest
Hubert Eisenack, Partner, EY (moderator)

Interview: Development of US Specialty Sectors
Tom McCarthy
, Sr. Managing Director, Heitman
David Rueckel, Managing Partner, PIA Pontis (moderator)

Short Presentations and Discussion:
Specialty Sectors: Are Niches becoming mainstream? on Data Center:

Bahram Motamedian, Senior Managing Director, Affinius Capital on Student Housing:
Robert Byron, Chairman, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Blue Vista Capital Management on Life Science:
Scott Soucy, Senior Managing Director, Deutsche Finance on Cold Storage:
Christopher Muoio, Director of Data & Research, Madison
David Rueckel, Managing Partner, PIA Pontis (moderator)

Interview: Affordable Housing
Daryl J. Carter
, Chairman and CEO, Avanath
David Rueckel; Managing Partner, PIA Pontis (moderator)

Impulse Presentation on ESG
Bas van den Ijssel
, Partner, Almazara

ESG-Panel: Real Estate Transition Risk Resilience in a Changing Climate
Corinna Haas, Investment Manager, Helaba Invest
Ryu Konishi, Managing Director, Sustainable Investments, LaSalle Investment
Nick Stein, Managing Director, Sentinel
Bas van den IJssel, Partner, Almazara (moderator)

Investor Panel: Outlook 2024
Max Beekmann
, Deputy Head of Global REIM, Bayerische Versorgungskammer (BVK)
Anja Ritchie, Managing Director, Stepstone
Frank Winkenwerder, Head of Real Estate, SV Sparkassenversicherung
Max von Below, Managing Director, Affinius (moderator)